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Rabbi Natan Brownstein

  • Grew up in Ketchikan Alaska, and Portland Oregon. Did a lot of NCSY, and spent 12 years at Camp Yavneh (Pluralistic Camp in New Hampsire), Public High School. 
  • Semicha at RIETS (4 yrs), 3 years in Rav Shechter's Katz Kollel and 1 year in the Gruss Kollel in Bayit V'gan. 
  • Worked as NCSY Chapter Advisor for Rochester (3 yrs), Albany City Director (With Jessie-1 Yr.), Youth Director at Young Israel of White Plains (2 Yrs), Student Teaching at Heschel School and Westchester HS (1 Year Each). 
  • M.A. in Jewish Education from Azrieli, this year teaching Middle School at Brauser Maimonides Day School in Hollywood Florida (and Youth Director at BRS West Synagogue).  
  • Jessie (wife), Temima (daughter)
Impact Orayta had on my life:
     In the grand scheme of my religious growth, Orayta was one of my main inspirations to be a Torah Jew. Through Rabbi Aaron's classes, Rav Moishe's warmth, and Rav Binnys wonderful simcha-filled approach to religious life, I really developed a deep seeded conviction, that Torah life was something so meaningful, and worth living. To this day, I try to live my life, and keep Mitzvos with the simcha and purpouse that my Rebeim at Orayta taught and modeled to us. 
     But my love for learning came completely and absolutely from my time with Rav Noam at Orayta. I had the opportunity to learn from someone so excited about, passionate for, and dedicated to Torah Learning that it imbued me with an incredible drive, thirst, and motivation for Limud Hatorah. Through seeing and experiencing his love I was filled with a love so strong that which has propelled me to deeply commit myself to making Torah learning the focal point of my life as a Jew. With G-d’s help, it will help me to achieve my goals as a father who gives his children that passion, and it will be given over to my own students as a Jewish Educator. 

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