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Tastings Of Torah - By Rav Binny Freedman

Parashat Vayishlach

Jebalya; anyone who has been there has no desire to go back. A nasty piece of real estate in the Gaza strip, Je’balya is a densely overpopulated refugee camp that is always waiting to explode, which is exactly what happened back in 1987, when an Israeli truck driver ploughed into a crowd of Arabs, killing three and wounding many more.
The subsequent rioting that eventually spread all through Gaza, Judea and Samaria, has since become known as the ‘Intifada’, and in the spring of 88’, on my first reserve duty, we were right smack in the middle of it.
Every day was a different story, and to be honest, the Israeli Army was completely unprepared for this type of warfare. How do you deal with women and children throwing Molotov cocktails and heaving cinderblocks off of apartment buildings?
You never knew what was waiting for you around any given street corner, and you were as concerned about not ending up in military court for giving the wrong order as you were about ending up in a hospital for the same reason.


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