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Sparks, By Rabbi David Aaron

Love Thyself!!
Secrets to Your Ultimate and Everlasting Net Worth

Just as a person must believe in G-d, so too, he must afterwards believe in Himself. That is to say, that G-d is involved with him and he is not a waste—that he is here today and gone tomorrow...

Rather one must believe that his soul is from the Source of Life, may His name be blessed and that G-d gets pleasure – taanug-- in him and is -- mishtashaya -- playfully involved with him when he does His will.

And this is the meaning of the verse “and they believed in G-d and Moses His servant” (Exodus 15). [The soul of] Moses consisted of the 600,000 souls of the Jewish people of that generation --- and they believed that G-d desired them – wants and receives pleasure from the good within them.
- Rabbi Tzadok Hacohen: Tzidkat HaTzadick 154

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Tastings Of Torah - By Rav Binny Freedman

Parashat Beshalach

“Zeh lo nirah li” “This doesn’t look like such a good idea”, said Benjy, commander of an elite company in Golani’s Egoz unit, in the summer of 2006. “I know”, responded his commander, “but orders are orders”.

Their mission was to cross the border into Lebanon, and take the ridgeline some 3 kilometers opposite in an effort to support IDF troops to the East.

I have visited the border by Kibbutz Avivim many times, and it never ceases to amaze me, the fortitude and raw courage it must have taken, for Benjy to lead his men over wide open territory in broad daylight, beneath the guns of Hezbollah terrorists in the hills above.

This was the same Benjy Hillman o”bm, subsequently killed in that battle at Maroun Aras , who was cited for bravery some years earlier, when he single handedly charged armed terrorists who had infiltrated one of the settlements in Gush Katif . Alone, in the darkness he saved the lives of those under fire, by choosing to attack armed terrorists, rather than wait for backup forces to come to his aid. 

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