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Tastings Of Torah - Ki Teitzei - By Rav Binny Freedman

It’s been almost twenty years, and every so often I still pause to think about how different it could have been…

Just a few months ago we merited to walk our second child, our oldest son Yonatan, on that most special of walks, the walk down the aisle to his chuppah (wedding canopy.) It’s such a powerful walk, because on the one hand, you can’t wait to get there, and on the other, you never want it to end. And as people stood and clapped and smiled and laughed, and Yonatan’s smile light up his entire face, and my wife Doreet’s eyes filled with tears of joy, my entire being was filled with a deep sense of gratitude; what an awesome privilege Hashem bestowed upon us; such a blessing.

And I couldn’t help but think about how different it might have been, and how many times I came so close to chas ve’shalom never experiencing such a joyous moment.

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Real Love Means Embracing Conflict - The Secret of Jacob, By Rabbi David Aaron

Parashat Vayishlach 

The Torah (Bible) teaches us that Jacob went to the house Laban, his uncle, and dwelt there for many years. He married Rachel and Leah, Laban's daughters, and had eleven sons there. After years of struggling with Laban constantly deceiving him he finally left to return home and face Esau who hated him. In the middle of the night Jacob got up and took his two wives, his two handmaids and his eleven sons, and sent them across the Jabbok River shallows. After he had taken them and sent them across, he also sent across his possessions. Jacob alone remained on the other side of the river. It was there that the famous "stranger" appeared and wrestled with him until just before daybreak:


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