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JLE: Orayta Center for Jewish Leadership and Engagement

Our organization excels at fostering passionate engagement and connection (to Judaism, Torah, Hashem, the Land of Israel and the People of Israel) in adults ages 18 and older, as well as at developing their leadership abilities to lead a broad array of Jewish communities and inspire others to engage.

The Yeshiva: Yeshivat Orayta offers an inspirational and comprehensive approach to Torah, combining depth of Torah thought with rigorous text study.  The immersive experience offered by our one/two year post-high school program yields lifelong impact in our students’ understanding of Judaism, commitment to Torah living, relationship to Hashem, and commitment to the People and the Land of Israel.  They emerge passionate leaders capable of committed to inspiring and helping other Jews wherever they go. 

Orayta Next:  Our alumni program is dedicated to helping guide and support our students after they move on from the yeshiva into their next steps in life.  Through regular and ongoing local and distance learning opportunities, personal follow up, leadership guidance and support, group Shabbattonim and reunion events, we stay with our alumni and help them to continue developing as individuals and Jewish leaders.

Orayta Online: Through the “Orayta Online Beit Medrash” and “Orayta Online Learning Center”, we share our expertise and unique content with the public at large.  Our staff have written well over dozen books, have recorded hundreds of hours of analytical and inspiration teaching of texts and ideas, have organized online centers for study in areas of thought particularly relevant to modern Jewish life, and engage in public discussions other thinkers and educators around the world.

Jewish Learning Missions (JLM): Our adult learning missions offer small group of men and women an extraordinary opportunity for learning and spiritual connection.  Whether on site in the Old City of Jerusalem joining the energetic students of Orayta or off site touring and experiencing some of the most beautiful and spiritually uplifting sites in the world, our missions offer the chance to study Torah with some of the finest educators and deepest thinkers alive today.

Jewish Leadership Enrichment: At Orayta, our vision includes reaching far beyond the walls of our Old City yeshiva to help transform and inspire the Jewish community of today.  Our programs in a Rabbinic Enrichment Fellowship, Educator Enrichment Fellowship and Community Teacher Fellowship for Professionals that help train and support leaders across the globe to reach thousands upon thousands of people more effectively and help them to connect more deeply.

For more information, please contact Rav Judah Dardik This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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