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Jeffrey Camras

I had the privilege of attending Jacob Kelin's wedding this past Sunday. Not only is it an incredible experience to share in the simcha of a close friend,
but this wedding was exceptionally special for our Orayta year because he is the first one of us to get married. With at least two thirds of the guys from our year in attendance, it was an opportunity to reconnect and reflect on where we have all been and what we have all been up to the last three years since our time in Israel. As the first round of dancing came to an end, Rav Binny showed up in spite of the uncertainty that he would make it. It was truly a fitting touch to an already incredible evening.
The most amazing thing I found throughout the evening was the strength of the relationships we had maintained with each other through these years. As we go separate ways, it is difficult to stay in touch, especially after three years, even if you're close friends. But that's what made this wedding even more special. It became clear to me that I had built a special bond with several individuals through the shared experience of Orayta; and that's
something I have with only a very select group of people. I also realize that there is nobody else I would want to share smechot with more than the guys from Orayta.

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