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In addition to intensive study of Talmud and Chumash, Orayta offers a variety of courses throughout the day on a broad range of topics. Course listings include:

  • Gemara

    • Six Morning Seder Tracks of Gemara Iyun Shiurim including one Shiur in Hebrew
    • Nishmat Hamishnah: The Inner World of the Mishnah (Shana Bet)
    • Bekius Gemara
    Inside Page 2
  • Chumash

    • Sefer Bereishit B'iyun
    • Literary Analysis of Tanach
    • Understanding Classical Parshanut
    • Parsha Perspectives
  • Halacha (Jewish Law)

    • Rambam Hilchot Deot
    • Practical Halacha Workshop
    • Philosophy of Halacha
    • Contemporary Halacha Seminar (Shana Bet)
    • Understanding the Meaning in Mitzvot
  • Jewish Philosophy

    • Issues in Jewish Thought
    • Modern Masters
    • History of the Mesorah
    • Emunah B'Iyun
    • The Rabbinic Project
    • A Philosophy of Religious Zionism
    • Introduction to Chazal (Shana Bet)
    • Moreh Nevuchim vs. Kuzari
    • The Search for G-d: Pathways in Jewish Spirituality
    • Pirkei Avot
    • Sefat Emet
    • Chovat HaTalmidim
    • Moreh Nevuchim
  • Chassidut

    • Introduction to Chassidic Thought
    • Advanced Chassidic Thought (Shana Bet)
  • Prayer

    • Tefillah B'Iyun
    • Tefillah
    • Rav Kook-Olat Riiyah
  • Torat Eretz Yisrael

    • Expressing Ourselves in History
    • Ulpan - Rav Amos Cohen
    • Educational Tiyulim throughout Israel
    • Jerusalem U Israel Course

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